Note: This is NOT photoshoped.. The photographer used a green flash gel over his flash that was located behind me to give the green effect. 

This was taken during a shoot of 12 trolls.
We wanted photos of the sunrise but it was fogy, so the sunrise was hidden, thus we didn’t get any. BUT we did manage to get some photos regardless. I mean after all, we did stay up all day and night, get painted gray, costumes on and head out to the beach at about 2 am till 6am so we could abscond before people starting to wake up and think some kind of alien invasion was happening.  

I’m so happy how some off these turned out. Even if i only managed to gets some photos with Vriska. It was still a fun time! 

Kanaya Maryam: |x|
Vriska Serket |x|
Photogrpaher |x

P.s - Not everyone likes VriskaXKanaya. But while in this outfit she did have flushed feeling for her. So please do not hate on the cosplayers, or the shipping. 
Thank you! <3  

*casually reblogs myself straddling the most gorgeous Kanaya ever*

I really like the first photo, it almost looks like it’s a green fog or something, so it looks pretty cool =D

oh fuck that first picture is amazing

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